Update: Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living (CRC-LCL)

Posted 27-01-2015
Category Research

The Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living approval for a $3.1 million project, RP1020: Reducing Barriers for Commercial Adaptation of Construction Materials with Low-Embodied-Carbon, will span the next three (3) years and is well on track with progress to be reviewed in April 2015. 

Over the coming three years, the project will: 

- Gather field data on real-life geopolymer constructions to develop utilisation opportunities;
- Develop a Handbook for use in design, specifications and construction; and
- Pilot a program for producing lightweight concrete using low carbon processes based on geopolymerisation and alternative methods for producing aggregates from fly ash.

Additionally, some initial investigations are being undertaken by Standards Australia, a CRC-LCL member, towards the development of an Interim Standard for ‘Geopolymer Concretes’.  

For more information,please visit: http://www.lowcarbonlivingcrc.com.au/about-us


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