A Novel Concept for Slag Utilisation

Posted 27-04-2015
Category Research

In the United States two researchers at DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory have discovered that mixing two slag products at a unique ratio can generate energy in the form of heat and fuels.

The concept is still in the very early stages of testing and it could be at least 10 years before we see solid results. The process involves combining slag, which is rich in calcium oxide with slag that contains high levels of vanadium oxide at high temperatures. The addition of carbon dioxide (CO2), results in a chemical reaction, which gives off a large amount of heat (enough to generate electricity). 

Just when it sounds like it cant get any better… think again. The molten reaction of the two slags additionally changes the chemical compound of the CO2 and removes one of the oxygen atoms from the covalently double bonded molecude, which creates carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide can also be re-used in the heating process in the same way that a turbo charger in a car engine works. Another use for carbon monoxide is as a component used to produce synthetic petroleum.

To read the paper and find out more, click here.


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