Members & Affiliates

Members of the ASA are united by their common interest to increase community, business and government awareness of the superior construction properties and value-added benefits derived from various iron and steel slags. In particular, this interest is focused primarily on how the utilisation of these products can benefit the environment and sustainable development for all, reducing pressures on natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions.

List of Full Members and Associates Website Address
Australian Steel Mill Services
BlueScope Steel
Harsco Metals Australia
Independent Cement & Lime Pty Ltd
InfraBuild Australia
Liberty GFC
SCE Group
Moly Cop Mining Consumables www.arrium-mining-consumables/moly-cop


Reciprocal / Hon.  Memberships  Website Address
EuroSlag (EU)
National Slag Association (USA)
Nippon Slag Association (Japan)
Swinburne University of Technology
Australian Society for Concrete Pavements



Life Members for Service to the Association

  • Hadi, M.
  • Hanley, P.
  • Heaton, B.
  • Hinczak, I.
  • James, W.
  • Venour, M.