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Roads Australia: Launch of The Journey to Net-Zero Report (F2F Event)


Transforming transport systems to achieve net-zero emissions mobility is both a great challenge and one of our most powerful opportunities to achieve positive change. Come along and see how we can all band together and fast-track change.

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Facebook Parent Company Finds New Concrete Mixtures Using Artificial Intelligence


In collaboration with researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Facebook's partent company, Meta has developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) model that optimises concrete mixtures for sustainability and strength. 

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Meet SmartCrete CRC's First Female CEO


In a recent announcement to the public, SmartCrete CRC (SmartCrete) announced their 'delight' in welcoming the centre’s newest CEO. 

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SmartCrete CRC 'Up For The Challenge'- How It's Decarbonising The Cement And Concrete Sector


How do you decarbonise the most carbon-central industry in Australia? Ask SmartCrete CRC.

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ASMS Seeks Ideas From Year 8 Students To Find New Applications For Slag


Are you smarter than an 8th grader? See why the Australian Steel MIll Services is using local, highschool kids to generate new ideas and applications for slag.

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What BlueScope Is Doing With Their New $55 Million MMI Grant From The Federal Government


A new grant from The Federal Government has been awarded to BlueScope and its partners that will 'enhance Australia’s manufacturing capability and accelerate the transition to clean energy'. 

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FEhS Slag Research Report 2021- Available To Download For Free!


One of the ASA's contacts in Germany has just provided a copy of a recent Slag research report that has only just been translated to English!

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Certified Success at BlueScope Steelworks


Bluescope Steelworks in Port Kembla (PKSW) has received ResponsibleSteel (RS) certification, creating a valuable point of difference for the site.

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The Circular Lifecycle Of Slag In The UK


SteelPhalt is a Harsco company that has been recycling and using the slag since 1963. SteelPhalt uses the product to produce asphalt at its plant, roughly 11 km northeast of Sheffield in Rotherham. 

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This Unique Slag Mixture Is Improving Sydney Airport


ASA Member, ASMS has recently provided slag to help upgrade Sydney's iconic Airport. Learn more about the unique mix here!

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How The $5.1 Billion Snowy Hydro 2.0 Project Is Using Slag


The 5.1 billion dollar Snowy 2.0 project is one of the largest renewable energy projects in Australia that supports the transition to a low-carbon future... and it's using slag to do so!

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UOW And Australian Steel Innovation


Three of ASA's members are taking part in a new project led by the University of Wollongong 

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Boral's Plans For The Future


In the 2022 financial year, Boral has some big changes coming. From expanding its low-carbon concrete range to new grants and slag projects, Boral will have its plate full.

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InfraBuild And The Development of Sydney Metro


In efforts to keep ‘on track’ with the tight construction schedule, ASA member InfraBuild was approached to assist with meeting project demands through innovative reinforcing. 

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Last Chance To Register: Ecologiq Seminar


Ecologiq- a Victorian Government program is holding an online seminar next Thursday, September 23 2021, at 10:30 AM (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra time) to support the implementation of the new Recycled First Policy- put in place to promote 'greener infrastructure'. 

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Local Project Uses Slag As A Road Base


ASA Member, ASMS (Australian Steel Mill Services), has provided a substantial amount of slag to be used as road base for the Nowra Bridge project. Find out more about the development here.

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Holcim's New Project That Aims To Make A Difference


The Circular Explorer Catamaran project, developed by One Earth One Ocean and made possible by Holcim promotes the circular economy in ocean conservation. It aims to further research and action towards ocean conservation efforts whilst using new, environmentally friendly technology to clean coastal areas from plastic waste. 

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SmartCrete CRC Welcomes New Partnership With Paintback Limited


SmartCrete CRC’s CEO, Dr Warren South announced to the public on Thursday last week that he and his team are “pleased to welcome Paintback Limited as a core partner organisation,” as both companies work together to find new ways to repurpose leftover product and incoorporate it into concrete.

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Holcim Worldwide To Rebrand And Align With Goals For The Future


On Thursday, Holcim released a statement to the public stating that all market brands are uniting to form a collective front that will actively build progress for people and the planet.

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Transport for NSW: Test Method Publications


There have been a number of Transport for NSW test methods updated via their Activity Report.

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