About the ASA


The underlying vision of the ASA is to serve as an authoritative and credible central reference point for its stakeholders on all matters relating to the iron and steel slag industry.


The ASA declares as its mission the promotion of the effective and beneficial use of iron and steel slags. This, the Association recognises, necessarily involves the collection, research and dissemination of available information for purposes of facilitating discourse and knowledge exchange amongst relevant stakeholders.


The ASA strives to translate its goals into action by two primary means:

  • Utilising forums where information interchange between stakeholders will benefit the understanding of this valuable resource. Such forums include network meetings, conferences, presentations, publications, web access to online resources and other means of advocacy.
  • Facilitating education and technical assistance for engineers, students interested in new and alternative materials, government agencies interested in gathering more information, or general community members seeking a greater understanding of slag and its various uses.

Objectives of the Association

  • To promote and stimulate the use of slag consistently with public interest and to perform all desirable and lawful functions necessary for the efficient, constructive and beneficial operation of the Association.
  • To investigate and exploit the technical merits of slag in fields where use already has been or may be further developed for the material.
  • To collect, classify and transmit to members procurable data which pertain to the present and potential uses of slag.
  • To provide information, data and publicity relevant to the effective utilisation of slag products to engineers, architects, contractors and other interested parties.
  • To co-operate with other associations, technical societies, laboratories and governmental bureaus as a means of strengthening the full recognition of slag as a valuable and technically desirable mineral.
  • To recognise that the effective pursuit of the aforementioned objectives of the Association necessarily requires that all state and territory laws of Australia and New Zealand be respected and upheld.