2023 Meeting Schedule

Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee [Board of Directors] consisting of elected members from the General Meeting are responsible for all matters relating to the monitoring and review of the Association between General Meetings. Responsibilities include:

  • Meets four (4) times each year to conduct its regular business
  • Only full members elected to this Committee can attend these meetings
  • To govern the organisation, rather than manage
  • To determine an annual plan which sets out policies and activities to be executed
  • Making decisions proposed by management, which are consistent with the objects as determined by the General Meeting

National Technical and Education Committee meetings are convened at regular intervals, responsibilities include:

  • To meet four (4) times annually
  • To represent the Association on relevant standards committees
  • To discuss, debate and consider information on matters important to members and develop agreed positions
  • To ensure that information on industry developments are exchanged
  • To focus on technical and research program issues with guest speakers invited on occasion
  • To provide forums where information interchange between stakeholders will benefit the understanding of this valuable renewable resource.
  • To facilitate technology transfer on the use, benefits and unique properties of slag products to the key groups.
  • To increase various user groups' awareness of the environmental benefits arising from greater utilisation.
  • To re-educate user groups with negative attitudes/perceptions of slag materials.

The Association Secretariat support is provided through a contracted specialist professional association management company (HBM Group). The Secretariat is responsible for managing, day-to-day operations, support staff and research and development programs and associated external relationships.