In 1990, various members representing producers, processors, marketers, customers and suppliers of iron and steel slags founded the Australasian (iron & steel) Slag Association (ASA). Adopting a similar operating model used by the National Slag Association based in the USA, the ASA has since forged its own operating model and governance structure to meet the needs of an evolving and complex operating environment in Australia. The video below highlights the multiple uses and types of slag products:


The Association's foundational objectives were initially to conduct research of common interest to members and present the findings and technical information to support the beneficial use of iron and steel slags in the construction materials and other potential end-use industries.  Today the Association has four (4) major planks which underpin its strategic plan with objectives for Membership, Advocacy, Education and Technical Literature.

In choosing a name for the Association, the term ‘Australasian’ was used to recognise the Association’s reach and acknowledge the members scattered across the region, namely Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Through its research and facilitation of information interchange activities between relevant stakeholders, the Association continues to increase the recognition and understanding of the beneficial use of iron and steel slags amongst industry members, government and the community.

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News Updates

Using Slag to Create Eco Friendly Concrete Pavers


Victorian based architectural product company Anston have developed an innovative concrete paver that reduces environmental impacts.

The ‘EcoPebble’ concrete paver uses repurposed materials, is less reliant on virgin raw materials. The new product will enable designers and other users to achieve sustainability goals whilst still maintaining the strength, durability, and aesthetic of architectural concrete.

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Flinders University Researchers Find Solution to Combat Alkali-Silica Reaction In Concrete


Flinders University researchers have a solution to combat alkali-silica reaction in concrete. The formula, using ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) and fly ash as binders, mitigates alkali-silica reaction (ASR) effects, maintaining mechanical properties and durability.

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Australian Vanadium Open New Vanadium Electrolyte Manufacturing Facility in Perth


Australian Vanadium Limited (AVL) has recently opened a landmark vanadium electrolyte manufacturing facility in the northern Perth Suburb of Wangara.

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BlueScope Partner with Australia’s Leading Iron Ore Producers on Steel Decarbonisation


The largest iron ore producers and leading steel manufacturer in Australia have joined forces to accelerate the decarbonisation of steel production. They have committed to exploring the development of Australia's first ironmaking electric smelting furnace (ESF) pilot plant.

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