Environmental Assessments - Iron and Steel Slags

Commencing in 2005, an Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) was established in response to recommendations from a capstone study 'Material Classification of Iron and Steel Slag By-product Waste Classification Investigation Report 2004' (below). Key recommendations being to; establish an EMP to increase industry, users and the communities understanding about environmental performance of ISS products generated, processed and sold by members.

The EMP monitors and assess the iron and steel slags (ISS) produced, processed and sold by its members. The program involves collecting and testing slag samples from member sites for their total metal (TM) concentrations and where necessary, undertaking toxicity characteristic leaching procedures (TCLP) on the samples and comparing the results against the various State government regulations.

  • Following the 2011 report, the ASA undertook a review of the EMP.  The review determined there was limited long-term value in maintaining the EMP, recommending limited research funding be relocated to other projects. The ASA, through the National Technical and Education Committee, will continue to monitor further research needs.  

A final report discussing the results and implications of these tests is produced by the Association at the conclusion of each program and is available for download by clicking on the relevant document. All files are made available in PDF format.