World of Iron & Steel Slag

The World of Iron & Steel Slag 'network' (WoISS) aims to advance the international management and use of metallurgical slags in ways that are technically sound, economically beneficial and in an environmentally responsible manner. Participating members include National Associations who have a mutual interest in the exchange of information concerning the management of metallurgical slags.


The mission of the network is to foster the increased utilisation of iron and steel slag’s through the collaboration of each respective industry group where appropriate.


Network members collaborate to:

  • stimulate the international transfer of technical information related to ISS management and use that can be utilised by planners, designers, specifiers, regulators, purchasers, manufacturers and constructors or other stakeholders;
  • coordinate the international development of appropriate codes, specifications and guides for the use of ISS on par with competing materials and products;
  • promote the international development of appropriate regulations for the increased utilisation of ISS,
  • facilitate awareness and understanding of the environmental, economic, engineering, manufacturing and societal benefits derived from the use of ISS; and
  • share experiences of effective strategies which have lead to increased ISS utilisation within member regions, including changes in legislation, regulation, codes, guides and specifications

For further information on the WoISS please contact the Association or follow the links to members websites listed below.