PowerPlus Cleaning Systems’ IMPULSE Cleaning Technology

Posted 30-08-2016
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IMPULSE, by PowerPlus Cleaning Systems, claims to enhance boiler processes and minimize costs associated with other cleaning methods. This innovative technology provides advantages over traditional boiler cleaning methods like sootblowing, rapping, manual shaking, blasting, and high-pressure water washing.

Product Specifications and benefits

  • Easy and inexpensive to install and maintain, with a small footprint that preserves valuable space
  • Uses only small amounts of compressed air, fuel and 110 VAC
  • Removes thick and stubborn ash deposits better than traditional cleaning methods
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for steam soot blowing
  • Enhances long-term operability
  • Cleaner tubes increase heat transfer and overall efficiency of boiler
  • Operates online using proactive cleaning vs. requiring an outage and reactive cleaning
  • Extends time intervals between downturns caused by off-line cleaning, allowing more time for production
  • Will not cause abrasion or erosion to boiler tube surfaces
  • Reduces platenization
  • Fuel-efficient design offers low operating cost with minimal maintenance
  • Can integrate into plant control systems or operate in self-timed mode

The technology, uses a supersonic combustion pulse to create a controlled shock wave that removes slag and deposits. See the video below.

Read more here: www.powerpluscs.com


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