Engineered Construction Materials from Recycled Waste

Posted 24-09-2018
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Recycling waste materials in construction has been a focus of a number of research projects conducted at RMIT, The University of Melbourne, Monash University and the ARC Nanocomm Hub. Most of these are sponsored by industry sectors which generate large amounts of waste. There are significant benefits that can be realised by translation of the technologies to practice and also the methods developed can be used to convert other waste materials to useful products.

RMIT University are hosting an exclusive, invitation-only workshop in October, focusing on engineered construction materials from recycled waste. Craig Heidrich, CEO, will be attending and speaking on behalf of the Australasian (iron & steel) Slag Association (ASA).

The workshop will aim to:

  1. Showcase current research outcomes and explore new research and development needs and opportunities
  2. Identify gaps in the translation pathway to realise end user benefits from the completed research

The workshop will explore a vast range of topics including:

  • High volume fly ash/slag concrete 
  • Brown coal geopolymer bricks 
  • Waste concrete from concrete trucks as recycled coarse aggregate 
  • Manufactured Geopolymer coarse aggregate 
  • Bricks from biosolids from waste-water treatment 
  • Cigarette butts in clay bricks 
  • Stabilisation of pavements using brown coal pond ash 
  • Self-healing concrete using high volumes of fly ash 
  • Wood-based composites from sawmill waste 
  • Deactivated asbestos in composites
  • Recycled glass in foam concrete





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