Conference: Pressure Equipment Innovation and Safety

Posted 09-12-2018
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To support the competitiveness of the European Standardisation for the Pressure Equipment (PE) Industry, the “European Pressure Equipment Research Council” (EPERC) is launching its first International Conference on Pressure Equipment Innovation and Safety.

The conference promises to be the outstanding international forum for participants to meet stakeholders and to exchange ideas on an advanced pressure equipment industry. The Conference will showcase over 100 papers, Workshops and Panel Sessions, as well as a Technology Demonstration Forum and a Student Paper Competition.

This conference is co-organised by the European Pressure Equipment Research Council (EPERC) and the  National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL). 


  1. Codes & Standards
  2. Linear and Nonlinear Design & Analysis
  3. Bolted Joints, flanges and sealing
  4. Non-pressure Loads Engineering
  5. Degradation mechanisms
  6. High-Pressure Technology
  7. High-Temperature Technology
  8. Cryogenic Technology
  9. Hydrogen Technology
  10. Plastic Pipe Technology
  11. Nuclear Technology
  12. Computer Technology
  13. New Materials, Manufacturing & Welding for innovative pressure equipment
  14. Additive Manufacturing & 3D Technologies
  15. Non-Destructive Examination
  16. Serially Produced PE
  17. In-Service Inspection and Operation
  18. Fitness for Service and Risk based inspection
  19. Alternatives to pressure tests

Find out more about the 1st EPERC International Conference 


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