Opportunity for a new slag processing plant by WA based company.

Posted 26-03-2021
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Vanadium. Used to make steel alloys, aircraft carriers, batteries and various other goods, is derived from mineral concentrates and can also be recovered from fly ash and slag.



WA-based company, Neometals is on track to deliver a Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) to recover vanadium from slag in a new processing plant. Once processed, the vanadium recovered from the slag will be used in batteries overseas by a name protected external company based in Europe.

Neometals is hoping to commission the new processing plant by May 2021 after receiving positive feedback from this European based customer and product samples.


In a 50/50 partnership with Critical Metals Ltd, the pair aim to utilise deposits of slag, extract vanadium and recycle it, limiting expenditure and waste whilst also acquiring a potential zero carbon footprint.


Bound by a 10-year slag supply agreement, Neometals is eager to have production underway by 2022. The agreement also states that this slag recovery facility will be capable of processing 200,000 tonnes of slag per annum, without the need for a mining site.


Neometal’s new processing plant will greatly benefit the Australian slag industry. Not only will the project bring attention to the benefits of slag, but it will also promote eco-friendly practices in other industries and shine the spotlight on Australian slag production internationally.


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