SmartCrete Fast track project given the ‘green light’ and esteemed recognition.

Posted 01-04-2021
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Earlier this year, The Australasian (iron & steel) Slag Association wrote a blog post expressing our support for the SmartCrete CRC fast track projects. We are pleased to continue this support as Project 2 receives deserved recognition and progresses into the next stage of execution.

In February 2021, SmartCrete CRC was showcased as part of the Concrete Institute of Australia’s weekly webinar series. The webinar focused on 3 projects that have been given the "green light" by the government and how these will in fact, advance the cement and concrete industry. The Recycled Material Concrete Production project (RMCP), presented by Professor Rebecca Gravina was one of the featured.

Project overview

The RMCP project will investigate and implement new applications of domestic and industrial waste materials (plastics, rubber, crusher dust, industrial by-products) in the concrete construction industry. It will also provide long term environmental and economic benefits to key stakeholders including supply-chain, government, and asset owners.

As stated in the project overview, RMCP is a strategic response to the demand-supply imbalance in the Victorian infrastructure and waste recovery sector with a primary focus on councils and local municipalities. Concrete production in Victoria relies on aggregate and cement sourced from natural and finite sand and rock deposits. These deposits are declining in viability; there is a shortage of quarry materials and natural sands. Alternative sources of sands and aggregates are urgently required to meet forecasted consumption.

Outcomes and Benefits of the Project

  1. Optimise concrete mix formulations with combinations of recycled plastic flakes (HDPE) and fines (PET), rubber fines (LDPE), crusher dust fines, recycled concrete aggregates, and supplementary cementitious materials.
  2. Develop guidelines for contractors and performance requirements for premix delivery of concrete with recycled material content.
  3. Turn waste streams into raw materials.
  4. Guarantee the supply chain.

The Australasian (iron & steel) Slag Association is proud to continue support for this project and congratulates SmartCrete CRC on their achievements.


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