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Posted 06-10-2021
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The University of Wollongong in Australia has just announced the plans for its ARC Research Hub for Australian Steel Innovation (Steel Research Hub or The Hub). The Hub is a 5-year research program, valued at $28 million, that is designed to "support the transition of Australia’s steel manufacturing industry to a more sustainable, competitive, and resilient position based on the creation of new, higher value-added products and more advanced manufacturing processes" (The University of Wollongong, 2021). 


The Hub is seen as a large asset to Australian nation-building and has lots to give. Led by UOW, The Hub brings together 9 separate universities, (including RMIT, ANU, SUT, UON, Deakin, USYD, UNSW and Monash) and additionally, 9 industry partners (BlueScope, Infrabuild (Manufacturing), Infrabuild (Wire), Liberty Primary Steel, ArcelorMittal, Australian Steel Institute, Bisalloy, Weld Australia and Australian Industry Group). With a team of experts, The Hub is aimed at securing a globally competitive domestic steel manufacturing industry for Australia, whilst contributing to economic growth, employment and research into a necessary technological shift in the steel supply chain. 


The University of Wollongong says that to accomplish this goal, a team of dedicated professionals are needed to 'make it happen'; and they'll do whatever it takes. The Hub will create a multi-disciplinary team of 20 Post-Doctoral Research Fellows and 31 PhDs, across 4 integrated research programs, that will create a skilful and diverse workforce, which is critical in achieving a transformation across the industry.



Areas of research focus:

  • Integrating advanced enabling technologies in large and small businesses 
  • Developing step-change performance in anti-corrosion treatments and coating lines 
  • Generating more functional and durable products, and increasing resource intensities.


ASA Members and their involvement



BlueScope, one of the ASA's dedicated members has contributed $4,533,000 cash, and $4,863,660 in-kind to the research program as a sign of their commitment to supporting steel manufacturing and product research and development. With The Hub, BlueScope and its researchers will actively participate in research activities across all 4 programs.



InfraBuild, another one of the ASA's dedicated members is contributing to The Hub as a testament to their new Net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. As a big supporter of the Circular Economy and waste reduction technologies, InfraBuild is committed to Australia's greener future in this industry and collaborations with other like-minded organisations.


Swinburne University of Technology 

Swinburne University of Technology (SUT), ASA dedicated member is a world-class university creating social and economic impact through science technology and innovation. SUT will be contributing to The Hub via research avenues and is committed to assisting Australia in developing a greener industry future.


Opportunities for PHD students 

If this isn't good enough, The Hub is now offering additional support to prospective Ph.D. students who are successful in securing an AGRTP* at the University of Wollongong and wish to conduct a PHD in steel-related disciplines. Learn more in the link below.  


*Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship Additional Support.


Read more about the project HERE

Learn more about the current opportunies for PHD students HERE


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