FEhS Slag Research Report 2021- Available To Download For Free!

Posted 11-03-2022
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One of the ASA's contacts in Germany has just provided a copy of a recent Slag research report that has only just been translated to English!

The FEhS Institute constructed this report in 2021 as a compilation of research projects relevant to the research and development of slag usage throughout Europe. FEhS has had an extensive history of working with slag and is committed to the promotion of slag for a more circular future.

What's In The Report? 

Within the document, there are six individual projects on interdisciplinary research topics. Also included is an update of the new European Fertiliser Regulation, an assessment of the new German Substitute Building Materials Ordinance and some key figures for ferrous slag production and utilisation in Europe. 

The report highlights the importance of research related to slags and additionally, the recovery and conservation of resources, for the optimisation of products and new areas of application.

Each project goes into the technical detail of its subject matter and is highly educative for industry professionals involved with the utilisation of slag, like our ASA members. 

It's our great pleasure to share with our members, a copy of the report. We would like to thank FEhS for providing us with a copy of the report and encourage all our members to give it a read!

See the attachment below to access your copy of the report:



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