The Slag Cement University

Posted 10-11-2022
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The Slag Cement University established by the Slag Cement Association, has launched with the intention to enhance the education of slag in tomorrow's construction workforce. 

The Slag Cement Association (SCA) recognised education as an important step forward in adopting the net zero objective and ensuring the delivery of carbon-neutral concrete in the years to come. 

The program is designed to offer educators the opportunity to integrate content on slag into existing construction or engineering college degree programs. The course is curated and developed by the SCA members and staff and provides the applications, uses and benefits of slag cement. This includes: 

Technical Information Sheets
Technical information sheets are provided to students as an overview of the various applications and topics regarding the use of slag. 
Presentations and Pre-recorded Webinars
Webinars and slide decks are provided that document the things to look out for when using slag cement in concrete. The curriculum will also include a Slag Cement 101 slide deck and recorded webinar that will introduce students to the beneficial use of slag in concrete construction. 
Sustainability Tools
The sustainability tools include SCA's environmental product declaration (EPD) and a carbon reduction calculator for concrete mixtures that incorporate slag cement.

This curriculum coincides with an 80-question exam, allowing students to test their knowledge related to slag. However, this is not a certification program. 

Lori Tiefenthaler, President of the SCA Board of Directors, explains this program will enhance university courses by providing new and exciting slag cement information, projects and tools for use.

To learn more about the Slag Cement University, click here.  


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