The Slag Circular: An Update On The World Of Slag

Posted 20-06-2023
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Welcome to the Slag Circular! Here is an update of what's been going on in the world of slag and members of the ADAA.

1. Australian Steel Mill Services Utilise Slag Road Base In Nowra

Australian Steel Mill Services (ASMS) have utilised modified slag road bases as a key component of the pavement design for the Nowra bridge project conducted earlier in the year.

The RBM800 R73 HBB modified slag road base and the RBM801 modified road base were key to the design of the pavements in this project. The materials in these road bases have showcased proven performance as predominant road base materials in several Princes Highway upgrades between the regions of the Shoalhaven and the Illawarra, along with other key projects in the Sydney metro road and airport network.

These modified road bases showcase that environmentally beneficial materials recovered through resources such as slag can also contribute to project performance benefits.


2. Steel Mill Loader Purposely Built for Slag Utilised in Rooty Hill

The SCE Group have utilised the CAT973K steel mill tracked loader at the Sydney Steel Mill in Rooty hill to dig molten slag, which of course is a by-product of the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking process.

Being the latest piece of machinery put to the test by SCE Group, the CAT973K includes a fire suppression system as well as heat and blast-resistant glass to tackle the high-stress process.


3. Holcim Helps Cut Cement Use In Victoria Rail Projects

Rail Projects Victoria has combined with industry partners such as Holcim Australia to cut cement use in half in the Metro Tunnel Project.

The project has been able to cut their cement use in half through procedures such as trialling the use of recycled glass as a sand replacement in concrete mixes, and using recycled industrial by-products such as slag to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.‚Äč


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