Purpose Built Steel Mill Slag Loader Put to Work at Rooty Hill Mill

Posted 05-09-2023
Category News

SCE Group have unveiled their latest loader, a CAT973K purpose built steel mill tracked loader used to dig molten slag, a by-product of the EAF steelmaking process.

The new loader will be put to work at the Sydney Streel Mill in Rooty Hill.

Fitted out with a fire suppression system, extra steps and handrails for safe & direct entry/exit, along with heat & blast-resistant glass.

This new addition is designed to handle the rigours of the EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) steelmaking process, which involves electricity to melt scrap steel and other sources of metallic iron.

This leads to the by-product of Slag aggregate, which can be used in asphalt, subsoil drainage, and granular fill applications.

Benefits of using recycled materials in civil works include:

  • Protecting stocks of natural resources
  • Guarding the environment from further degradation
  • Potential cost savings
  • Assisting the local government and industry to ensure development is ecologically sustainable
  • Ensuring local industry is working towards international best practice

This powerhouse is sure to benefit those at the SCE Rooty Hill Mill, creating a safer and more effective way of dealing with molten slag.


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