Updated Brochure on Ferrous Slag from FEhS Building Materials Institute

Posted 13-09-2023
Category Research

The FEhS Building Materials Institute has updated its brochure "Ferrous slag. Valuable raw material for resource-saving management".

With latest figures of 2022, it provides information on the production and use of the by-product of steel production, as well as on CO2 emissions saved and quantities of natural rock substituted.

New is the chapter "Transformation of the steel industry and new slags", which is dedicated to the decarbonization of steel production.

The 20-page compact publication with numerous graphics is available in print and as a pdf at www.fehs.de in the download area.

In eight chapters, the brochure "Ferrous Slag" provides a comprehensive overview of the secondary raw material: from its production and technological & ecological properties to its various applications as a building material, in traffic route construction and as a fertilizer, to an outlook on the future by-products of hydrogen-based steel production.

Extensive, graphically prepared figures, for example on resource and climate protection using ferrous slag, make the publication a useful information tool for architects, engineers, building contractors, representatives of public authorities and politicians.

Thomas Reiche, Managing Director of the FEhS Institute: "With the Compact Brochure 2023, we want to show the contribution of the steel industries’ by-products to a sustainable circular economy. Because only those who are comprehensively informed can act in an economically and ecologically sensible way. This applies above all to the future use of secondary raw materials, which conserve natural resources and the climate even in First Life.”


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