Challenges & Future Directions of Geopolymer Concrete

Posted 30-11-2023
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Geopolymer concrete is a sustainable alternative to conventional Portland cement-based concrete. It has received substantial attention due to its potential for decreasing carbon emissions and preserving natural resources.

Despite the advantages that geopolymer concrete holds, there are still major challenges that need to be resolved for widespread adoption from the construction industry. The challenges include:


The production of geopolymer concrete requires a high initial cost, mainly due to the cost of raw materials and the specialised knowledge required to produce it. This hinders its adoption in small-scale construction projects.


Standards are yet to be fully developed and adopted for geopolymer concrete. This affects the widespread use across the construction industry.


Whilst studies have shown that this form of concrete has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio and high resistance to harsh environments, the long-term durability of this product remains relatively unknown.


Large scale productions of geopolymer concrete are yet to be fully established, with concerns around the consistency and quality of the materials produced when scaled up.

Whilst the geopolymer concrete product faces these challenges, there is still numerous opportunities when looking towards the future.

Research & Development

Further research and development is needed to improve the performance of the product, optimise the composition of raw materials, and reduce production costs.

Standardisation & Promotion

The establishment of international standards for geopolymer concrete will help ensure quality control and acceptance by the construction industry worldwide.

Education and awareness programs need to be further developed to promote this product as a sustainable alternative to traditional Portland concrete.


Developing new and innovative applications of geopolymer concrete are required, leading to fresh opportunities for adoption in a wider range of construction projects.


Researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers are all obliged to work together to ensure the successful commercialisation and adoption of geopolymer concrete.

Although geopolymer concrete faces these challenges, it has immense potential in helping the industry attain a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.


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