Heidelberg Materials Launches evoZero® - the World’s First Carbon Captured Net-Zero Cement

Posted 30-11-2023
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Heidelberg Materials has introduced the world’s first carbon captured net-zero cement to customers in Europe.

The new cement named ‘evoZero’ achieves its net-zero footprint through the application of carbon capture and storage technology at the Heidelberg Materials plant in Brevik, Norway, without compensation from credits generated outside the company’s value chain.

As the world’s first site to capture carbon emissions from clinker production on an industrial scale, Brevik is revolutionising cement production.

Once operational, the facility the Brevik plant will capture 400,000 tonnes of CO₂ annually, equalling 50% of the plant’s emissions - and is equivalent to taking around 180,000 cars off the road.

“Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) is a prerequisite for our industry to achieve Net Zero and vital to building the society of the future”, says Dr Nicola Kimm, Chief Sustainability Officer.

"evoZero contributes to both our own ambitious carbon reduction targets as well as those of our customers."

Customers will be able to choose from two different products. ‘evoZero Carbon Captured Brevik’ is developed and produced in Brevik, achieving its net-zero footprint over the entire life cycle.

‘evoZero Carbon Captured’ features a net-zero footprint upon delivery.

The carbon capture attributes are transparent and traceable by harnessing the power of blockchain technology through where customers will receive a verifiable carbon proof for their purchase.

evoZero comprises the full cement portfolio, and can be used for all kinds of applications.

With the CCUS projects already launched, the company aims to save 10 million tonnes of CO₂ cumulatively by 2030.


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