91% Vanadium Extraction Rate Reached in Western Australia Bore

Posted 25-01-2024
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Surefire Resources proclaims that it has achieved a significant advancement in the process of extracting vanadium directly from magnetite concentrate at its primary Victory Bore project in Western Australia.

Image: Surefire Resources medium intensity magnetic separation producing magnetite concentrate.

During testing, the company accomplished a vanadium extraction rate of 91% through a 96-hour leaching process directly from magnetite concentrate.

Additionally, an unforeseen extraction of 88% titanium was also achieved.

The company asserts that its provisionally patented technology eliminates the necessity for conventional pre-treatment processes. This technology will be integrated into the ongoing development of the Victory Bore, where its economic, operational, and environmental advantages will be assessed.

The breakthrough pertains to Surefire's provisional patent application focused on a new "pre-leach" treatment designed for application to its magnetite concentrate. This then allows the leachant to scavenge vanadium more effectively from the concentrate.

Additionally, the method is anticipated to be more environmentally friendly, characterised by low emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.

In May 2023, Surefire engaged METS Engineering to evaluate the feasibility of extracting high-purity vanadium oxide in liquid form. The objective was to generate a clean and high-purity vanadium electrolyte suitable for application in the burgeoning vanadium battery industry in Australasia.

After conducting a thorough literature review and examining all existing extraction methods, the METS team developed and implemented a direct leaching test work program.

Surefire's management has indicated that further testing will be necessary leading up to pilot plant trials. During this phase, the company plans to assess the economic viability and benefits of the process, with the potential to potential to licence it for use on other vanadium resources.


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