Using Slag to Create Eco Friendly Concrete Pavers

Posted 01-04-2024
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Victorian based architectural product company Anston have developed an innovative concrete paver that reduces environmental impacts.

The ‘EcoPebble’ concrete paver uses repurposed materials, is less reliant on virgin raw materials. The new product will enable designers and other users to achieve sustainability goals whilst still maintaining the strength, durability, and aesthetic of architectural concrete.

A 20% replacement of cement with blast furnace slag, the by-product of industrial steel production, reduces carbon emissions and diverts waste away from landfill.

Other materials that are used in the EcoPebble range include:

  • Recycled plastic aggregate made from post-consumer waste, diverting hazardous soft plastics out of landfill and reducing consumption of natural stone
  • 50% reduction of virgin sand consumption, using manufactured quartz sand
  • Manufactured with reclaimed rainwater collected on-site
  • Compliant with Australian Standards for Breaking Load and Slip Resistance
  • Can be crushed and recycled at end-of-life, supporting a circular economy

All pavers are compliant with Australian Standards for compressive strength, breaking load, and slip resistance.

While these pavers are built to last decades, they can be crushed and recycled at the end of their lifespan, supporting a circular economy in the industry.

Anston’s EcoPebble range is available across all architectural products, including pavers, reinforced pedestal pavers, pool coping, cladding and other landscape elements.


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