In 1990, various members representing producers, processors, marketers, customers and suppliers of iron and steel slags founded the Australasian (iron & steel) Slag Association (ASA). Adopting a similar operating model used by the National Slag Association based in the USA, the ASA has since forged its own operating model and governance structure to meet the needs of an evolving and complex operating environment in Australia.

The Association's foundational objectives were initially to conduct research of common interest to members and present the findings and technical information to support the beneficial use of iron and steel slags in the construction materials and other potential end-use industries.  Today the Association has four (4) major planks which underpin its strategic plan with objectives for Membership, Advocacy, Education and Technical.

In choosing a name for the Association, the term ‘Australasian’ was used to recognise the Association’s reach and acknowledge the members scattered across the region, namely Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Through its research and facilitation of information interchange activities between relevant stakeholders, the Association continues to increase the recognition and understanding of the beneficial use of iron and steel slags amongst industry members, government and the community.

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News Updates

From Research to Practice, the CIA Investigates Fibres in Concrete


From a design perspective, the questions remain, how to manipulate the fibre to work for the intended purpose? How has this industry evolved, and what has been achieved so far?

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Concrete Roads & Highways - Seminar


The Concrete Institute of Australia will soon hold a seminar on "Concrete Roads and Highways." The modern major concrete road is a sophisticated engineering structure which must meet the highest of quality standards under extremely demanding conditions.

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PowerPlus Cleaning Systems’ IMPULSE Cleaning Technology


IMPULSE, by PowerPlus Cleaning Systems, claims to enhance boiler processes and minimize costs associated with other cleaning methods. This innovative technology provides advantages over traditional boiler cleaning methods like sootblowing, rapping, manual shaking, blasting, and high-pressure water washing.

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Grey on the outside, Green on the inside


Concrete is the second most used commodity in the world and although its applications are great, its environmental impacts are distressing. With estimated 10% of all CO2 output being attributed to concrete production. there has to be an answer for this environmental conundrum. 

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